Finera FCZO

— was established in 2022 in UAE (Dubai Silicon Oasis Freezone) with the aim to trade crude oil and oil products. Company is staffed by energy professionals, involved in international trading of oil products for more than 20 years, with a specific knowledge of FSU domestic logistics, in-depth experience of export bound transportation business, market intelligence, marketing, trading and finance operations.

Our business

Finera’s business activity lies in the area of crude oil and oil products trading. It logically spreads to all related aspects of it including logistics (transportation and storage), distribution, marketing, chartering, hedging and finance.


The company has a huge experience in the running and the management of different oil, gas and chemical products – propane and butane,  naphtha, solvents and gasoline of several grades, ULSD and gasoil, VGO, fuel oil, crude oil, MTBE, alcohols and others.


The company’s trading programs are based on sell goods through border`s points (terms of DAF/DAP) or through ports (terms FOB/SIF) in the Black Sea or the Mediterranean.


Finera deals with independent inspectors to be sure that all products meet in full required specifications.


We value the relationship with each and all of our business partners from a small companies to a world’s oil major company.

Corporate governance

The corporate governance system of company is based on best industry practice standards.


Finera is a tightly coherent company committed to achieve high standards of corporate governance where shareholders are part of the team. It gives us benefits to define best practice to react instantaneously to daily challenges thus ensuring that our relevant approach is up-to-date and compliant.


Strategic decisions are taken on the basis of free and transparent  information circulated between members of the Board, shareholders and employees. Finera  provides its counterparties with fast, responsible and effective solutions when time and information are the most vital factors. Such open and creative approach allows us to build long-standing partnerships with our clients.


Being a company with high social responsibility we praise ourselves for matching high standards of business code of conduct. We aim at maintaining economic, social and environmental balance while implementing our projects and at constantly increasing our level of professionalism.


Our ethical principles are the values that set the ground rules for all we do as Finera. Seeking to achieve commercial success, our main challenge is focused on the harmonious balance of these principles.


Our main responsibilities within the company structure are the following:

Honesty and Transparency

We do not lie and never deliberately mislead.

Keeping our promises

We never commit to what we are unable to fulfill


We are open and direct in communications, we honour and respect the abilities and contributions of others.


We adhere to high moral and ethical principles consistently applying them in all circumstances regardless of internal or external pressures.

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